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From FreeCAD to Android

It is not only nice to have a CAD model designed with free Software like FreeCAD but also to have it available for presentation on different platforms.

FreeCAD supports the export to WebGL. The export is still monochrome. And its hard to use this format for postprocessing like embedding/rendering/animation.

An idea is to export the geometry and the colors into a format that can support this information. Wavefront (.obj) is such a format.

Kivy is a nice and powerful python library which runs on the main plattforms (windows, linux, macos and android)

Development under Kivy can be done on the personal favorite operating system and can be applied to other targets.

Kivy3 is a still small but useful python library which supports 3D animation unter kivy.

Qpython is an App to develop and use kivy applications on android.

Based on these components I have a first FreeCAD macro which exports a FreeCAD Part with its colors to .obj File.

This .obj file together with two helper files can be used on android to visualize the model in a 3D space. So the parts can become available everywhere

The Exporter and Viewer are still first prototypes.

To Do

Further improvements will be:

  • improve color-mapping
  • improve color face mapping
  • make the viewer a standalone app
  • add some navigation functionality to the viewer
  • export the animation workbench objects to kivy
Example Data
What is Kivy
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